Before I landed this role I had been trying to get into the marketing automation space for a while. I knew about it but it was not really within my grasp until my marketing role previous to Marketing Cube.

Ironically out of the entire 5 floor building, the person who sat directly opposite me was the Marketing Specialist who managed the Marketing Automation campaigns. It was frustrating – because I was so close but so far!

When you have a career in marketing you want to be where the future is. I was persistent and asked (harassed) my manager and eventually she got me an account. I spent a fair amount of time reading about marketing automation and getting my head around the capabilities.

However, it wasn’t until my current role at Marketing Cube that I really understood the scope of the platform. Yes, wow, there is so much to this! I have experience in digital which has helped to a degree, but we all know how fast the digital landscape moves.

So where and how does one learn more?

If you are a marketer on an information hunt, or you use marketing automation and need educational resources, or even researching for career purposes, there are a number of resources that can help you: Topliners.comYoutube videos, Blogs, McKinsey & Co. and CMO are a few that will get you started.

I have been doing a fair bit of reading and what stood out to me the most was the fact that so many marketers (in all profession levels) share the exact same concerns. The following points in particular I also found quite interesting.

\"The Digital Distress online survey...\"

of 1000 marketers reflected that:

* The marketing profession has changed dramatically, 76% of marketers think marketing has changed more in the past two years than the past 50.
* Only 48% of the marketers surveyed feel highly proficient in digital marketing.
* Concerns are very strongly shared – reaching customers, campaign efficiency and ROI are the top challenges
* A surprising one – 25% of people in high level positions agreed to this statement. “People who work for me know more about digital marketing than I do”.

Reflecting on my research: knowledge and experience across the board varies greatly within this space. I thought I was in the minority group that was getting up-to-speed on this and everyone else was all over it. Not quite. After a couple of weeks immersing myself in a myriad of research, my director asked me “so how do you define marketing automation?” I went to answer, then I drew a blank.

How do I fit so many elements and capabilities into one succinct sentence!? At the end of the day, things are moving fast and the learning curve vs work performance is now a vertical climb for all marketers. If however, you are looking for a snapshot answer too – this is it!

\”Marketing Automation is the ability to understand an individual’s Digital Body Language and to engage with them based on their behaviour. Marketers can make smart decisions and deliver relevant and timely information, which essentially provides a richer customer experience.\”