…but there\’s only 139 days until Christmas.

Yeah, I\’m hearing you. Does it feel like only yesterday that you took the tree down or do you still have some tinsel hanging from your cube wall?

It\’s time to start thinking Christmas Card lists, Christmas parties for customers, partners etc. The prompt for me and this blog post was an email I received last week from a venue we\’ve used in the past. Click Here to see how many days are left until Christmas Day.

How\’s your database looking?

One of the tell-tale signs of how effective your database is, is the speed at which you can pull together a Christmas card list. Can you segment it by Customers, Prospects and Partners? Dependent on how you have Eloqua setup, you can achieve this quite easily.

Another measurement for who gets a Christmas card this year could be based on their engagement with your campaigns married with nominations by the Sales and Service teams via the CRM.

What about mailing addresses? If you have the contacts in Eloqua, you\’ll have an email address. But what about a postal or street address? If not, perhaps you could include some offers over the coming months where you ask for postal address details via a Form in order to access an offer.

Coming up with something fun & engaging

This is where the Marketing team need to put on their creative hats. Does your invite include a video of some sort or is it a cool invite set via the post with an Eloqua PURL to drive invitees to a registration page?

Once you select a venue, don\’t leave this until it\’s too late, you could include images and details of the venue in some comms ahead of time to get your contacts excited about the party of the season – your Christmas party.

Event Management with Eloqua

If a particular function of Eloqua could be described as a \”sweet spot\”, event management is it. Last year we posted this blog to provide you with a template for your event management requirements. If it\’s been some time since you\’ve used Eloqua to manage an event, our post will help.

In Summary

Whatever your plans are for Christmas, the team at Marketing want to be the first in 2014 to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or Happy Hanukkah or just a great time over Summer.