There’s no shortage of data to reinforce that we all need to go mobile as Modern Marketers. This SlideShare from Survey Monkey of 600 of their customers adds fuel to the fire reinforcing that we all need to go mobile.

Some Considerations

To begin with, your website must be responsive. It needs to be as easy as possible for people to read on their various mobile devices. A responsive website adjusts the appearance of your website based on the users device e.g. an iPhone, iPad etc.

When we redeveloped our website, a responsive design was a critical need.

If you choose to use a template style solution like we have with WordPress, you can significantly reduce the cost of developing your website and give your non HTML marketing team control over the website. If you have to turn to a web developer every time you want to post a blog or optimise a page, you’ll create delays and add cost that comes from your marketing budget.

Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud users can easily add SMS/Text capability to the Campaign Canvas. e.g. If you capture a person’s preferences for a reminder, you can use the Campaign Canvas to send an email, a Tweet or an SMS based on their preferences.

Website Templates Provide Flexibility

We chose Word Press for a variety of reasons, the main one being our team had used it before. However, as the largest blogging platform in the world, there’s a massive eco system of plugins to enhance WordPress to do whatever we needed to do. As an example, click here to see one company that provides templates for you to add to your WordPress platform.

If you have web developers in your team, they can then take these templates and enhance them even further. CAUTION – WordPress is constantly updated and new versions are released on a regular basis. If your web development team add too much to your template, this make create an unnecessary overhead as you need to test the website each time WordPress release updates. If you stick to the template and it’s built-in functionality, the template provider will take care of this for you.

Exploit the Template options to easily engage

Most of the Word Press templates I’ve seen come with a range of what’s called “short codes“. Short Codes are built-in functionality that allows a non-HTML marketer to add some very cool functionality to the website.

We then add Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Landing Pages to various parts of our WordPress website to enhance the user experience and capture more specific Digital Body Language or our website visitors.

2014 Mobile Consumer Trends

SurveyMonkey surveyed 600 smartphone users about their use of smartphones outside the workplace. They uncovered some very interesting things. You can view the detailed data from the survey HERE.