Any Modern Marketer needs to stay on top of their Contact database like a hawk. These tips from by Gaea Connary, a Topliners Ninja, are helpful for all Eloqua customers.

I was asked twice last week by customers about contact deletion and the impact of removing contacts from Eloqua. e.g. What happens if you’re synching Eloqua with a CRM? What happens if a deleted contact should enter Eloqua again i.e. via a form submission? Gaea, an Eloqua customer shares some great insight.

The following is an excerpt from her post in Topliners.

“If you’ve maintained your marketing database for a length of time, it may be valuable to do some spring cleaning by deleting contacts you’re unable to reach or engage. If a large portion of your database is no longer of use, this may be skewing your reports and analysis of the overall health of your database.

What kinds of contacts might be candidates for deletion?

  1. Contacts whose email addresses have hard bounced. A hard bounce means that the address was rejected by the receiving email server because either the account or the domain did not exist, or there was a network problem on the recipient’s end.
  2. Before deleting, you may want to investigate if the bounce was caused by a malformed email address (e.g., that could easily be corrected.
  3. Prospective customer contacts that have unsubscribed from receiving any email from you, and you have exhausted alternative channels with which to reach them, e.g., by phone, or they are not valuable enough to attempt to re-subscribe.
  4. Contacts that are no longer at the company.
  5. Contact records that have been deleted from your CRM system.
  6. Contacts that have been disqualified as prospective customers. However, if these contacts are currently engaging with your broader communications, such as newsletters, you may want to keep them in your database – they may be interested enough to become customers at their next job.
  7. Contacts that have not engaged with either your outbound or inbound channels in a long period of time, especially if it exceeds your average length of sales cycle.
  8. For these types of contacts, it is strongly recommended that you attempt to re-engage them one last time before deleting their records: Create an Automated Reengagement Campaign in Eloqua10. If they are a valuable prospect, you should attempt to re-engage the Contact through channels other than email before considering deletion.

As you go through the exercise of identifying which contacts to delete, consider whether the cost of keeping them has exceeded to cost of acquiring them. For example, if your company spends an average of $250 to generate an inquiry, but only $25 a year to keep them, you could afford to keep them in your database for up to 10 years for the same cost.

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