We gathered last night with about 35 marketers to hear from Sydney\’s award winning Content Marketing agency, King Content. Paul Ford and Todd Wheatland provided excellent insight to help Modern Marketers get more from their Content Marketing strategy.

Our 5 Key Observations from last night:

  1. A Content Marketing strategy is a philosophy within an organisation, not a department.
  2. Choosing to gate your content, or not, depends on where in the sales cycle that content would deliver the most value. e.g. top of funnel content is generally best left un-gated. Your more high value content, typically of greater value further through the buyer\’s journey, should be gated.
  3. Where your Content is being distributed across geographical boundaries e.g. into Asia from Australia, sourcing local translators who can not only translate but also add local context to your content so it resonates with the local audience, is key.
  4. Trying to get more budget for your Content Marketing? Start small, have some success and develop a case study to communicate the success up the line.
  5. Quality over quantity is very relevant when it comes to blogging. Hence the title of this blog. Having a solid schedule in place where you force yourself to blog e.g. twice  a week, is better turned into two blog posts a month where you\’re offering real insight into a topic, not just regurgitating what you\’ve seen elsewhere. Most of our readers would be aware that since Google introduced their hummingbird algorithm, you will be penalised for simply replicating other people\’s content.

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