The new Summer Release 2014 Profiler delivers even more detail for the Sales team. Improved stats and insight into the content of emails with fewer clicks giving the Sales team improved access to a Contact\’s Digital Body Language.

New Digital Body Language viewable at a glance

If you have Profiler embedded in your CRM as a related list item, CRM users can now see a great deal more data at a single glance. A few of the new features able to be viewed without clicking beyond the main screen include:

  • Lead Score
  • Photograph of the contact
  • Job Title
  • Company Name
  • Contact Details i.e. email, telephone and Twitter handle.

And then with a click…

The sales team can access an increased amount of data. The internal sales team will also benefit from Profiler before making outbound calls. They can view opened emails, website visits, form submissions and more.

  • Beyond the actual email, you can see the actual content of the email i.e. the copy.
  • You can adjust the period for which the data is relevant e.g. the past 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. You can adjust this to whatever date range suits your needs.
  • You can explore each of the activity types in more detail e.g. all form submissions, web page views etc.

Accessing Profiler

Oracle made changes to the pricing and availability of Profiler in early 2014. Access to Profiler has always been included for registered Eloqua users. However additional licences were required if you wanted to expose Profiler to non-Eloqua users via your CRM or as a stand alone app where you would login via the web.

The changes now mean that depending on which package your organisation has i.e. Basic, Standard or Enterprise you have a series of Profiler licences included in your current licensing model. The following licences are including for the respective packages:

  • Basic – includes 5 Profiler licences
  • Standard – includes 10 Profiler licences
  • Enterprise – includes 20 Profiler licences

Please contact Marketing Cube or your Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Account Manager for activation and/or pricing details.

End User Adoption

The best adoption we\’ve seen is by exposing Profiler to your high performing sales members first. Let them become the champions and then roll it out to the rest of the team as they ask for it. If Profiler simply appears in there CRM on Monday, they won\’t understand the value of the data they\’re looking at.