Significant changes have been introduced to the Email Editor that will make your Email creation, management and editing experience more powerful.

As an Administrator or member of a Security Group with the correct permissions, you now have the ability to manage templates, including not having to Save As.

If you are modifying a Template, you can also now select to see a thumbnail image of the Template when creating a new Email from the Template Chooser, lock the entire Email so it cannot be modified (called “Protected Mode”), enable certain sections as editable, and more.

The Email Launchpad now shows a new option called Template Manager. If you do not have the proper permissions to use this feature, you will not see this button on the Launchpad:

Email Editor Eloqua 10 2014 600x309pxl

Clicking the Template Manager brings you to the new Template Chooser that has slight UI modifications from pre-Summer releases, namely a choice of Blank and Recent Templates in the navigation pane on the left-hand side. Also, the Thumbnail images are provided as long as they are enabled for previews, and if you change a template at a later date, the thumbnail is automatically updated in the Chooser as well.

When you create a Template, it initially opens in STANDARD mode as indicated by a blue status button in the top-left of the application window. This indicates that you can create elements on the Email Canvas and they are all editable by default. Once you have your Template configured as desired, click Enable Protected Mode from the Action Menu (gear icon) in the top-right corner. In the confirmation dialog box that appears, select to confirm Protected Mode status requirement.

As indicated, once the Protected Mode has been enabled, you can mark individual sections or elements on your Email as editable.

Email Editor Text Boxes Eloqua 10 Summer 2014 400x288pxl

A dialog box appears where you can configure the section (element) as editable, give it a name for easy reference, and also mark whether it can be deleted when creating an Email using this Template (edit and delete are considered as different options).

Email Editor Eloqua 10 Summer 2014 Dialouge Box 500x224pxl

Any editable section is denoted with a blue dashed line around it for easy identification.

Email Editor Eloqua 10 Text Box 460x364pxl

Note the handle (underlined down-arrow) at the bottom of the Text element. This indicates that there is more text that follows, and by dragging the lower-right handle to expand the remainder of the text will appear.

Other improvements include (but are not limited to): automatic resizing of overlapping components, Images and other elements can be placed outside the editing area and resized or managed in the browser window area of the Email Editor, and more.

For complete information on the new Template Manager and Email Functionality, please refer to Eloqua 10 Emails on Topliners.
Or, contact Marketing Cube on +61 2 8244 0007.