I\’ve looked over the documentation from the Eloqua Summer Release 2014 (June/July) and wanted to highlight the following functionalities.

External Systems to Drive Campaigns

This will give app developers broader access to Eloqua. One example, if you have more than one database, you don’t need to integrate all of them into Eloqua. Instead, you can validate the data (e.g. survey) on your external server and trigger communications based on that information.

Assets Design Improvement – Template Management, Assets Editor and Preview

You can now do modifications to your email templates without deleting and saving as another template! This also gives you more template capabilities, such as lockable sections, etc.

As for the email and landing page editor, you can now modify an HTML version of an email or landing page without touching the code. This can be done through the inline visual section. The most important thing nowadays is how your assets look on mobile devices. The new mobile preview will allow you to see your assets on a standard 960×640 screen. Time to be responsive!

Personalised Content

This will allow you to put external content into emails and landing pages. You might build your own app. This functionality offers a huge range of ideas and creativity for you  in the design of your assets. It is not limited to RSS on email (yes, this is what we\’ve always wanted!), but it\’s also great for social media, etc.