Keeping the Sales team engaged and up to date with your various marketing campaigns has never been easier. Marketing Automation empowers Sales to help prospects through the Buyer\’s Journey. Here\’s some tips…

Keep Sales informed & empowered.

It could be as easy as a calendar of events, promotions and specific campaigns published to a shared drive. But how often do the Sales team really look at those?

We recently produced a splash page using Oracle Marketing Cloud B2B. The splash page contained two logos, ours, Marketing Cube and the other Oracle, our business partner. Behind each of those two logos were two additional pages which contained large images of the various marketing assets we have in place e.g. white papers, case studies etc.

The sales person could then click on the image, typically the front page of the document, and they would be taken to the relevant landing page with a form. They can then do one of two things:

1. Complete for the form on behalf of their prospect which would then email the prospect a link to the asset.

2. Take the URL/link and drop it into an email to and send it to their prospect personally.

The approach above caters for a very one-on-one approach. So while Marketing can take care of the large campaigns, the ideas above enable the Sales team to engage with specific individuals. In an ideal world, the Sales person would be able to see any Marketing activity in the CRM that relates to their prospect and be confident that whatever their sending to the prospect, hasn\’t already be done by Marketing through a larger campaign.

Deliver relevant & timely information.

While Marketing is focused on the hundreds or thousands of Contacts stored in your database, the Sales team is more focused on the one. The one prospect who\’s likely to enable them to reach their number this quarter.

Marketing can help deliver a very personal view of the Digital Body Language of their Prospect. Using Profiler, part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud B2B platform, the Sales team has access to a very detailed level of activity for each of their contacts.

In the image below you can see the prospect, in this case, Adrian Jones and the salesperson Derek Bell. Derek is able to see a range of activities delivered by Marketing and also the engagement by Adrian over time.

This includes detail such as:

Activity Description
Email Sends How many emails Marketing has sent using Oracle  Marketing Cloud B2B. The Sales person can click through and see exactly what the Contact was sent.
Email Opens Actual email opens is a much better indication of engagement.
Email Clickthroughs Click-throughs means the Contact has clicked on a link in the email and arrived at a website or Landing Page.
Web Visits Web visits allows the sales person to see exactly which pages on your website or Eloqua Landing Pages the Contact has viewed. Helpful information prior to a face to face meeting or a phone call.
Forms Submissions Forms Submissions shows not only that a form was submitted, but the Sales person can also see the actual content of the information provided by the Contact on a specific form.
External Activity This is about bringing offline activity into the digital world. An External Activity could be attendance at face-to-face event.