There are many reasons to be excited about the Eloqua Summer 2014 Release (Jun/Jul). We’ve captured a few of the highlights here and will post more over the rest of this month.

Since Oracle’s acquisition of Eloqua at the end of 2012, Oracle has invested heavily in complimentary technologies to create the Oracle Marketing Cloud. The illustration above provides you with the clearest outline yet about what this means for Eloqua customers and it’s all good news.

With your customer/prospect positioned in the centre of the diagram you have a range of Cloud based solutions to help you engage. Last week, the paperwork was completed securing BlueKai as part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud. This acquisition will have significant benefit for Eloqua users looking to take advantage of Big Data and using that data to augment campaigns based on external data sources and contact behaviour.

Customer Hub is an additional service from Oracle.

Developing Cross-Channel Campaigns

For today’s Eloqua Customer, the diagram below will seem pretty much on the mark with what they can do today. However, a careful review will reveal the Oracle Universal Customer Profile/Hub. The Customer Hub is essentially a central location which stores all customer data and acts as the master record. The CRM, Eloqua, ERP and other systems all reference the Customer Hub for key customer data.

For example, a customer calls into the Call Centre to update their address. Your Call Centre operator makes those changes in the CRM, those changes are fed through to Customer Hub which subsequently updates Eloqua, the ERP, your Data Warehouse etc.

The Marketing System of Record 600x319pxl

Simplified Email Campaign Interface

As I meet with our Customers, I’m constantly encouraging them to go further than a single email send or a batch send. Well, they’re now being rewarded with a quicker, easier way to do their batch sends. My spin on this will be it now gives you more time to focus on multi-step campaigns where you can really take advantage of the full power of Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud. 🙂

The Simplified Campaign will be accessed from the Campaign menu, the end user will be taken through a wizard where they can drop in their various assets. Note below you will also receive some detailed reporting in a single view.

This Simplified Email Campaign approach will be well received by many customers. Read further about Simple Email Campaigns.

Simplified Email Campaign Interface Eloqua Summer 2014 600x318pxl

When can you expect to see these enhancements?

The Summer Release enhancements will roll out across June-July 2014 depending on the POD your instance of Eloqua is on. Specific dates are as follows:

The Eloqua Summer Release is coming up! [dates subject to change]
POD 2 = June 17
POD 3 = July 6
POD 1 = July 27

Dates shown above are US dates, so add one day for Australia/New Zealand and Asia.

We’ll share more about these enhancements over the coming weeks, we will also have specific updates to customers.