Know your donor/member community

The not-for-profit sector has a level of connection with their community the B2B and B2C industries would die for. People are connected emotionally for a purpose and are aligned with a vision and objectives. The next step for not-for-profit organisations is the ability to engage with these people based on their preferences and their level of interest in various parts of the organisation.

How do you engage based on preferences?

It may sound obvious, but the first step is to capture a person’s preferences. This may be as basic as do they prefer to hear from you via email, snail mail, telephone or perhaps through social media channels? Or, it could be that they have a few engagement preferences. If your organisation is using a CRM, this is the obvious home for this information.

Implicit and explicit preferences

Huh? Well, explicit preferences are the ones we’ve listed above e.g. they want to hear from you via email or through snail mail. Implicit preferences are less obvious by definition. How do you track implicit preferences? With the aid of a marketing automation platform, like Oracle Marketing Cloud, you can do just that.

An example….

TRAINING Coaching Female 300x300pxlHi, my name is Jennifer, I’m a primary school teacher in Dubbo, NSW. Over the past couple of months I’ve been concerned at the situation our local kids are facing when it comes to their reading skills.

I’ve looked over your website at various articles, blog posts & videos you have about what you’re doing to improve literacy amongst local kids in my area. I’ve liked your Facebook page & commented a few times on various issues. I really want to help and get involved.

These are “implicit” preferences that Jennifer has left for you to pick up. Have you picked them up? Are you aware of the implicit trail Jennifer has left across your various digital assets?

We call this Digital Body Language

Understanding a person’s digital body language and being able to engage with them based on their implicit and explicit preferences goes a long way towards improving your engagement with donors and/or members. Campaigns can now be targeted to people based on their expressed interests, you can avoid the batch and blast of yesterday which generally leads to what we call “channel fatigue”. This is when people simply delete emails or toss direct mail in the bin.