Whatever the challenges are that we face as Marketers, there are solutions, ways to improve what we’re doing & how we engage with prospects and customers.

A CX (Customer Experience) focus with help filter out the distractions that waste both ours and our customer’s time. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes, what’s going to deliver the best possible outcome for them and address their needs as expressed to you via their Digital Body Language and what you want about them from other profile data?
The infographic below provides insight into the common challenge today’s Modern Marketers faces and solutions to help you push ahead.

Let’s Look At One Challenge – Buyer’s can be up to 90% through the Buyer’s Journey before engaging Sales.

There are a few solutions to help. Bizo and Eloqua suggest branding is one way to help address this issue. Hugh Macfarlane – CEO of Math Marketing & author of The Leaky Funnel suggests that prospects need to know that we even exist in the category that could address the prospects business problem.
In other words, while our branding is important, we need to position ourselves in the category that the prospect is looking at to ensure they can join the dots between our slick marketing and what it is we do as a business or organisation.
Once our prospect understands that we could potentially solve their business problem we need to engage and capture pieces of implicit and explicit data along the way. Progressive profiling is one way to do this. As you use your display advertising to tempt prospects to download various content, you can ask a few questions along the way.

Never give anything away for nothing. Allowing prospects to click on a link and download a PDF or video without giving you anything in exchange minimises the value of what you’re offering. It also sorts the genuine buyer from the tyre kicker. Think of it as a filtering process of genuine buyers.

How are you addressing these Challenges?

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How marketers are managing the evolving B2B buyer's journey