We are so excited to bring you today\’s release – Workflow!

We\’ve built the Workflow feature to help you more easily collaborate with your coworkers, and help you create and run processes so you can easily accomplish tasks as a group without ever leaving the SRM platform!

With SRM Workflow, you can create workflow templates that you can use and reuse for your standard projects, and track and comment when you use those templates in a group collaboration space.

Let\’s go through some of what you\’ll see with this feature. 

Workflow Templates

To start using Workflow, you\’ll need to create some workflow templates. Workflow templates are a series of steps that form a process. You can create templates as simple as a single step, or as complex as multiple steps with multiple approvals.

These templates can be used over and over again, so you can use them to standardise the steps you follow to do common projects or campaigns.

You\’ll create your workflow templates in the Workflow section of Workflow & Automation. Here\’s an example:

20140125 SRM UPDATE Workflow & Automation 002

Using a Workflow with Threads

Once you have a workflow template set up, you\’ll be ready to use it. You\’ll do this inside a thread.

What is a Thread?

Threads are collaboration spaces, where you can have a conversation with your coworkers about your project, and track the progress of your workflow. You can be a participant, which means you are assigned to a task or are part of a team that\’s been assigned to a task, or an observer, which means you aren\’t assigned to a step but you can comment in the thread.

Threads live in the Collaborations section of the Home page. Here\’s an example of an active thread:

20140125 SRM UPDATE Workflow & Automation 001jpg

When you start your thread, you\’ll choose a workflow template for that thread and choose the participants in that thread. You can also start a thread from the Create a Post page by selecting a workflow template when you are building your post.

Notifications Widget – Completing a Step

When it\’s your turn to complete a step, you\’ll get an email notification and you\’ll get an alert in our brand new notification widget!

20140125 SRM UPDATE Workflow & Automation 003

You can click the link in the email or notification widget and you\’ll be taken to the thread with the step for you to completed.


For complete information on this new Workflow feature, see the complete Workflow help article. If you have additional questions, please contact your Oracle Social Partnerships rep, account manager, or our Support team via the web at https://support.oracle.com.

Thanks for making Oracle your Social Relationship Management platform!