In an industry where relationships are extremely important, the experience provided to donors is key. The experience may begin from television advertising, from banner ads, direct mail or by being approached on the street by an authorised representative.

When a “prospect” becomes a donor, it’s hopefully the beginning of a long relationship between the charity and that person. Those formative days and weeks lay the foundation for the longevity of the relationship.

The Donor On Boarding Experience

What are you doing to ensure the best possible donor experience? I recently committed a monthly donation for a children’s charity via a shopping centre display. Their representatives were friendly and well trained.

About a week later I took a phone call from the charity confirming my details. They asked for feedback on the shopping centre representative and thanked me for my support. In amongst that process, they also asked for my email address.

As a marketing automation consultant, part of me is hoping that I hear from them with some good news stories. So far, nothing – but it’s only been six weeks.

Ideas to make the Donor feel included & engaged

There are some easy and inexpensive ways to maintain the engagement of the donor beyond their monthly commitment. Marketing Automation provides a number of ways to help maintain a level of engagement:

  1. A thank you email from the Charity Chair is a great place to start. This email could include an update on recent events and an outline of how the funds the donor is providing are used. Personalisation is the key at this point. I read in the press over Christmas of two people who were sent drawings by the children they sponsor for an overseas charity, two different children. They received the same drawing – not good.
  2. Monthly Communications. As part of the on boarding process, monthly communications could serve as an education process for the donor. Share with them the good work you do and, where possible, share personal experiences. Help them understand where their donation is being used.
  3. Introduce the team. It comes back to personalisation. At this early stage it’s likely the donor has only met the person who signed them up, probably a volunteer or a call centre operator who took their call in response to a press or TV advertisement. Technology allows you to personalise communications. Imagine if communications from your charity came from the person whom they initially met with?  Marketing Automation makes this possible.
  4. Meet your Ambassador. Many charities have ambassadors, typically well-known public figures who are likely to be known to the donor. Personal messages of thanks can be produced using Marketing Automation, helping the donor feel included and a part of the good work you do.
  5. Renewal time. If the steps above are followed and your organisation has a commitment to Donor Experience, when it comes time to request a renewal of a donor\’s commitment you should see an uplift in renewals. The same principles apply if your charity works on a membership model.

When a Marketing Automation platform is combined with a CRM (or DRM – Donor Relationship Management) platform, your organisation can begin to understand and respond to the digital body language of your prospects and donors.

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