I had an opportunity to meet with a long-standing client recently and hear the news that she has a new role.

Previously she managed their marketing team, specifically the Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud team who built their various marketing automation campaigns.

Her new role is as Customer Experience (CX) Manager, this is also a new role for the company. With her deep knowledge of Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud, we talked about ways to help her drive their CX strategy using Eloqua to help underpin specific strategic goals etc.

Where to start?

While it may seem counter intuitive, we started with their staff. We made sure all staff were in Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud and then beefed up the contact profile information by adding their key demographic details i.e. address, state, job category, job function etc. We added a couple of new fields to help capture some extra profile points.

Why start with staff?

It was clear after initial discussions there\’s a need for an education campaign to get staff on board and help them understand what Customer Experience (CX) is and the  impact to the company as well as to customers.

Customer Experience (CX) is not just extending Customer Service, although it’s some of that. It’s not just about Marketing, Sales or Finance, but again it’s some of that.

At the end of the day, your staff or team create the experiences that delight customers. They\’re your \”company ambassadors\”. Regardless of their role being customer facing or in the back office, warehouse or manufacturing plant, everything they do drives towards the end goal of delighting customers.

Let the education begin.

In the new year I\’ll catch up with this customer and we\’ll start to put together an education or nurturing campaign to bring staff on board around Customer Experience (CX) and what that means for the company, their prospects and their customers.

How can Marketing Automation help?

There will be a few phases to this project/campaign. Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud will help initially with the communication and engagement of staff. As their Customer Experience (CX) strategy is planned, built and executed, opportunities to uncover more marketing automation components.

In the new year, we’ll be talking more about how Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud can help engage with staff and improve overall internal communications.

Next Steps

I’ll come back to you in January to talk more about what we’ve done and how Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud has helped to underpin some of the key Customer Experience (CX) strategies and goals.