What is Sales Enablement?

For Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua customers, sales enablement is easy. Marketing can provide the sales team with access to the valuable insight uncovered during campaigns, events & interactions.

Last Updated: 7 September 2023

The benefit to Marketing is increased confidence from Sales of the various campaigns they’re building e.g. lead nurturing. As Sales have increased confidence, they will be more inclined to add their prospects to the CRM and in turn to the Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua Contact Database. With the addition of a basic trigger at the contact level in the CRM e.g. a tick box, this can be sufficient enough to trigger the inclusion of a contact into a lead nurturing campaign.

A drop down list at the CRM contact level can be the trigger for a range of nurturing campaigns. For example, a drop down list may contain options like “Lead Nurturing – General”, “Lead Nurturing – Product X” or “Lead Nurturing – Product Y”. You get the idea.

This functionality performs best when your CRM is integrated with Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua.

Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua Prospect Profiler = Sales Enablement

The Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua Profiler presents as a dashboard with a high-level view of an individual contact Digital Body Language. In the Overview screenshot below, a month’s activity is grouped as a bar graph showing email sends, email opens, email click-throughs, web visits, form submissions and external activities i.e. attendance at a face-to-face event.

Salespeople click on sections of the bar graph and click-through to see the exact Eloqua asset the contact engaged with and see exactly what the contact saw including the personalisation i.e. first name, company name and other fields. View the video below to see the Profiler in action.

Sales Enablement is the Key to Database Growth
Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua Profiler Home Screen as viewed on an iPad.

Sales Enablement = No More Cold Calls

Imagine a salesperson investing 5 minutes to review the Digital Body Language of a contact before making a call. They’re able to see exactly which website pages their contact has looked at on the company website, which emails they’ve opened and see exactly what the contact has seen.

The salesperson is now able to have a far richer discussion with their contact based on observed behaviour – their Digital Body Language.

  1. Determine who the high performing sales people are and offer them access* to the Eloqua Prospect Profiler. Gather their feedback and insight over a 2-3 month pilot period.
  2. Capture video testimonials from the high performing sales team to educate the greater sales team about the value of understanding a contact’s Digital Body Language.
  3. Build an internal eduction campaign designed to reach the Eloqua Prospect Profiler users across a two to three month period. Use each interaction as an opportunity to educate the users and reinforce specific aspects of the Profiler.
  4. Share the video testimonials via the internal education campaign.
  5. Following the pilot period, stay close to the high performing sales people and capture their specific feedback on how the Eloqua Prospect Profiler has helped progress or close any opportunities.

*NOTE: The Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua Prospect Profiler can be accessed via a URL with a login and password. It can be integrated with your CRM at a later stage following the pilot period.