For many marketers the primary focus of our activity is lead generation or perhaps branding. In essence we’re trying to bring new business to our organisation or we’re working to ensure people have a good impression of our brand and what it is that we do.

What about your customers?

To save any confusion, a “Customer” is a person or entity paying your organisation for goods or services. If they’re not paying you for something, they’re a prospect.

It’s likely you have a customer care/service team and account managers a.k.a sales people, who call on your customers on a regular basis.

The level of contact they have with your organisation may be limited to “I have a problem with your product or service, can you help me?” or your Accounts team is calling them chasing overdue invoices.

Deeper engagement and value added content fosters brand loyalty.

As many businesses move to the subscription economy it brings with it a need for account managers to foster deeper relationships that go beyond chasing renewals every twelve months.

If your organisation is selling goods or services that don’t require subscription, it’s still very easy for competitors to dislodge you.

What’s the answer?

As an Eloqua customer you have a range of tools available to help you take the concept of “nurturing” and apply it to your customers. You have a target audience, you know their business and you know their challenges.

Unlike working with prospects where you may be guessing a little and working on well founded assumptions, working with your customers should afford you the ability to tailor your communications and personalise them.

Ideas for better customer experience (CX):

  1. Personalise every communication: Your Account Manager should be the sender of all comms to their accounts. Avoid having emails to customers come from “” and certainly never from “”. An exception could be the company newsletter, if it\’s going to thousands, your staff don\’t need hundreds or thousands of \”out of office\” auto replies hitting their inbox.
  2. Build Relationship: Using Eloqua’s dynamic content, insert a profile photo of the account manager in all comms to their accounts.
  3. Capture your customer’s preferences: Like never before, you have the ability to ask customers what they’d like to receive from you and then deliver on that request. It’s easy to get a little excited about this feature, if you ask for customers to share their preferences make sure you’re in a position to act on that information.
  4. Tailor Based On Expressed Preferences: Create specific copy based on industry segments to ensure your content is relevant to the reader. Using Eloqua’s dynamic content you can create a single newsletter, but have each one personalised based on details you’ve captured at the contact level. e.g. Industry, Job Category, State or any other preferences you may have previously captured.
  5. Quality over Quantity: Don’t see huge numbers as your hallmark of success. Modern Marketers understand Customer Experience (CX) and know that delivering relevant content based on a customer’s digital footprint combined with their expressed preferences, is far more powerful than simply sending one item to your entire database.