What are your plans as you experience the usual pre-Christmas resignations?

Understanding how to maximise team member’s strengths requires that you have a degree of insight into who they are. What makes them tick, what are their strengths etc?

Christmas is generally a time when people will make the decision to stay or move on. They may have already interviewed in November/December and may have already resigned or will do so in January.

The dynamics and make-up of your team are critical to getting the most out of the team.

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Slides 4-13 of this deck provide a breakdown of the typical right and left brain characteristics. For hiring managers, this can be helpful. You’re organisation may have access to psychological profiling tools, if not speak with your employment agency. Personally, I’ve used Myers Briggs to help understand team dynamics in the past.

Resignations & the impact on revenue

The numbers tell us over and over that keeping people is far more cost-effective than hiring replacements.  Of course sometimes you don’t have a choice and if the person is moving onto a more senior role, than we wish them all the best. In contrast, if people are moving on because they’re disgruntled, you have some work to do. The last thing you need is a mass exodus from your team when the intellectual property wrapped up in who they are can have a disastrous impact on your campaigns and on your revenue.

Remember, people typically join a company because of the brand and leave because of the manager.

The key for any people manager is to understand a team member’s strengths and make sure you allow them to shine and contribute to the organisation. Having them contribute to the growth of the business is also key, sometimes that may not work and having people move on may be best for the team as a whole.

What has worked well for you?

We find that generally using the existing team members to find new team members is a great place to start. Our business is predominately in the cloud, we need people who understand both the cloud from a technology point of view as well as marketing. In the past, we’ve used TalentForce, a Sydney-based recruitment firm to help us find the right people. They also specialise in the cloud industry.

Regardless of how you recruit or look to build your team the tips in the slide deck above from Whole Brain provide insight for every hiring manager.