Headlines aren’t a big mystery

Are you avoiding learning about headlines because you’re not a copywriter? Better not, because no matter whether you make a PowerPoint presentation, sales call, or write an email, you’re going to need this information. The last thing you need is a headline that will go glug glug and take your marketing strategy down with it.*

Modern Marketers Understand The Need To Think Outside The ‘Cube’

There’s no shortage of people willing to tell us what we’re doing wrong or what we can do to improve. When I stumbled across this white paper from Sean D’Souza from New Zealand based Psychotactics I realised I’d stumbled across a tool that could really help from a tactical point of view.

Measuring Your Campaign Performance

It’s probably one area as digital marketers where we could all improve. We hopefully all look at the basics – Open Rates, Click Through, Form Completion etc. However making the time to analyse one campaign against another and understanding why one campaign spiked  for whatever reason can be complicated.

For Eloqua customers, you have a range of easily accessible reports that can help you gain insight into what worked and then analyse ‘why’ it worked.

Let’s Start With The Basics

Identify one variable you’d like to improve and then develop a plan of attack. Here are some tips for testing:

Frame the problem in the form of a question. Propose a hypothesis: an educated guess as to the cause of the results. Then, determine what you’ll test to prove or disprove that hypothesis.

Try to avoid testing too many elements at once, so as not to cloud your results.

What About Headlines? 

It’s the headlines or email subject lines that grab people’s attention. It’s that nanosecond you have when a prospect or customer sees your email in their smartphone email client. Do they delete? Do they open it? Do they click through to your landing page? You want to make sure you have the best possible chance for success.

Actually, on the point of “success” – have you predetermined what success looks like? If not, that’s also a good place to start.