Social can reveal a lot about what Customers or Donors/Members are doing & where they spend their time online.

I had the opportunity today to view some social stats for one of Australia’s largest supermarkets chains. They have just over 500,000 fans on Facebook. Of the fans, only 0.18% (abt 35,000) of them are actively engaged. i.e. posting, Liking or sharing content.

The data is public domain, so that means their competitors can see exactly what I can see. So, what does that mean? Well, I suppose it means a few things. However it’s not until you dig deep and start to analyse the data that you begin to understand the insight that you can gain from such activity.

Because this data is public domain, you can compare yourself against your competitors. You could also compare yourself against who you see as the leader in your space and with similar brands from around the world. Essentially, creating some benchmarks for yourself.

In a space that has a lot of voices quick to label themselves as “experts”, it’s more beneficial for you to have access to the right stats to really understand your position or influence in the social world.

For example, I was able to see of the 0.18% of people who were on the facebook page of this supermarket giant, what else they’re looking at. In this instance I could see a graphical representation of the interactions these 0.18% of people were having with e.g. Kraft, Tip Top and other brands you’d expect to find in a supermarket.

I could also see the same type of data for competitors and where their fans were visiting. Let’s take this a step further by way of an example. I’m company A, my competitor is company B. I can see that the people visiting Company B (my competitor) are spending a lot of time on Company C’s Facebook page.

Is this a good opportunity for me to advertise on Company C’s facebook page to those people who have, through their digital footprint, exposed the fact that they’re aligned with my competitor? You bet it is. What about looking at joint campaigns with Company C? That’s probably also a good idea.

The secret of loyalty is CX (Customer Experience)

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