Better reporting improves insight & ongoing engagement

I find as I build and execute campaigns, I need to consciously make the time to go back and look at reporting. Of course, I want to look at “who” has engaged and Eloqua makes that easy. However, looking at the campaign holistically and analysing the campaign is another exercise. Perhaps the basics are A/B testing, but how often do you make the time to do that?

Last Updated: September 2023 – Updated Eloqua screenshots have been added to this blog post.

Segmentation also offers valuable insight

The ability to segment your data is another way you can gain insight into prospects and customer behaviour. There are two scenarios:

  1. You run Eloqua as a stand alone non integrated Marketing Automation platform or
  2. You have Eloqua integrated with, typically, a CRM.

Reporting gives you a campaign specific view of the world, segmentation can do a very similar thing but I find it easier to play with segmentation sometimes to track certain behaviours. For example, I can ask Eloqua to give me a list of all Contacts who have looked at a specific web pages or series of web pages over the past 30 days.

I can take that a step further and ask it to include all Contacts who have opened at least 2 emails and clicked through to at least one landing page. I may want to add geographical details to that segment e.g. NSW and VIC only and all Contacts with a Job Category of “CXO”.

The list goes on, you can really narrow down a segment based on implicit and explicit data points.

An example of Segmentation to track engagement

Using a variety of filters to access engaged website visitors.

In the example above, we’ve created a segment of website visitors from the past 90 days who have also completed a form. The implication is a certain level of engagement by their digital footprint. Through segmentation you have the ability to gain insight into behaviour which can also feed through to the starting stages of your lead scoring model.

I recently sat with a client to walk her through segmentation so she could get a better understanding of what contacts are doing based on recency, activity and overall engagement. Having used Eloqua for over 12 months this was new and exciting news. There’s such depth of reporting available, it’s difficult to know about every aspect and the insight in can offer.

Reporting from the Campaign Canvas

Following the steps below, directly on the Eloqua Campaign Canvas, you can quickly access specific reporting for your campaign. This won’t give you the “who”, but it gives you the typical campaign stats modern marketers are looking for.

Eloqua Multi-step Campaign showing how to access Campaign Analysis reporting directly from the Campaign Canvas.

The data below is the result of selecting “Campaign Analysis” selected from the Campaign Canvas.

Eloqua analytics Oracle Insight