Getting more from Marketing Automation

Over the past few weeks I’ve met with clients to review their campaign design and use of Oracle Marketing Cloud.

These clients have been using Eloqua for at least 12 months and have certainly realised the benefits of Marketing Automation. However on closer examination of their campaigns, there are things they’re doing that could be done better. I suppose there always is, so I’ve shared below some of those tips.

The Eloqua Campaign Canvas

The Eloqua Campaign Canvas provides a very visual way to design your campaigns. In the example below, an event is easily prepared by dragging and dropping the various aspects of your campaign to the canvas and linking them in the sequence that makes the most sense for your campaign objectives.

Basic Eloqua Campaign Canvas

Contact Segmentation

The process begins with you looking at a segment of your Eloqua Contact data base. There’s a huge range of options you can use to segment your contacts. You may want to capture people by their profile e.g. job category, industry, recency as a visitor to a specific page on your website or perhaps their previously advised product interest.

Once you work out “who” will be in this campaign, you need to send your first email. You associate the email to the campaign and then check for the contact’s behaviour. Did they complete the form i.e. register for the event? If so, you have a “yes” or “no” outcome to that question. If yes, you can see above we’ve sent them a confirmation email, the last step. However for those who have not completed the form, you want to give them a gentle reminder.

Personalise Your Engagement

Following the first “Submitted Form?” question we wait 4 days and then send a reminder. Give people time to get through their emails, there’s no need to hit them hard and fast. Eloqua enables you to check behaviour and then respond in the most appropriate way, ensuring a good experience that doesn’t make the contact feel as though you’re hounding them.

You can personalise emails and landing pages in a number of ways. Personalisation can be through careful design of your campaign e.g. waiting 4 days before sending a reminder. All of your segmented contacts don’t have to be treated the same way. Then, when you get to the actual email and landing page, you can address your contact by name and use other profile data you’ve captured against their contact. The logical one is their company or organisation name.

In the example below we’ve addressed the person by name and then in the course of the opening paragraph referred to their company name. If your Contact data is not as clean as you’d like, you can tell Eloqua to insert something more generic if for example you don’t have their company name. In the email below, the sentence would read “…the performance of your company campaigns?” if you didn’t have their company name on file.

Email Personalisation

Better campaign design drives improved Customer Experience (CX)

Through careful design of your campaigns and by exploiting the rich functionality of Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud, you can ensure the best possible experience for your prospects and customers.

Go ahead and experience the process, download the latest white paper from Oracle Marketing Cloud.