What Marketers should know about Big Data — It’s all about revenue: The Revenue Marketing Blog

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by Big Data

This article from the Eloqua’s “It’s all about Revenue” blog is a good read for any marketer. At yesterday’s Oracle Partner session, Big Data was discussed in the context of various Oracle solutions that help you make sense of the masses of data you’re currently capturing.

I’m not a database guy and I have to admit I glazed over a few times during the presentation, however, what I did understand was the capability of Oracle’s Exadata system to help make sense of what they call “unrelated data” and the ability to match it to “related data”.

That means you have the ability to take your Big Data and match it to Contacts within your CRM and in turn make richer more informed decisions.

Do you have a Big Data strategy in play? How are you looking to uncover patterns and buying behaviour from the data you’re capturing today?

Last updated: 7 September 2023. *The revenue marketing blog is now called The Modern Marketing Blog.