A/NZ Adopts the Cloud (SaaS) at rates similar to the US Market

Starting at 2pm on Thursday July 11, 2013 Oracle hosted their Sydney based partners at The Establishment on George Street Sydney. The afternoon covered a range of topics with members of the Australia/New Zealand and AsiaPac executive team delivering a range of updates.

One notable update from the Applications Director Ian McAdam was the growth of SaaS or Cloud revenue within A/NZ.

Oracle’s A/NZ SaaS revenue accounted for 10% of overall revenue in FY12, in FY13 that grew to about 33% and is forecast to reach a tipping point of 50%+ in FY14.

McAdam commented that based on his observations combined with his many years at Oracle, Australia had always lagged behind the US with adoption of various technologies. However, the Cloud or SaaS was proving very different.

The adoption rates within A/NZ are on par with what Oracle is seeing in the US. So much so that his interactions with prospects and clients see them asking Oracle to advise why they should even contemplate an on premise solution verses going directly to a SaaS solution.