Social Marketing

The Oracle Social Cloud is designed to enhance each stage of the customer experience. Modern Marketers understand the need to include Social in their campaigns. Regardless of the size of your organisation, Social is a channel you need to understand.

Oracle offers you three solutions to meet each of the stages of your development as a Social Enterprise, or as we like to call it – an Enterprise 2.0.

Social Engagement & Monitoring

Once you’re at a point where you have the basics in place i.e. a Facebook Page, a company Twitter account and a LinkedIn Company Page, you need to understand what’s happening.

Your organisation needs to “Listen”.

Oracle Social Relationship Management is the industries only unified Social Media platform, bringing Social into a single enterprise standard solution.

Social Marketing

One of the ‘red flags’ with Social is jumping in too early and marketing to your social media community members without understanding them.

Once you’ve taken the time to Monitor and Engage with your Social community members and you understand their reasons for engaging with your brand, you can then make the move to Social Marketing.

Oracle Social Marketing gives you the ability to post directly into Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Other social properties like Tumblr and others are on the roadmap.

Social Network

The Oracle Social Network brings social to your organisation. Imagine an internal Facebook with so much more.

Team members can collaborate around opportunities within Oracle Social Cloud. Whether the team is geographically dispersed or across town or even in the same building via native mobile apps.

Access to the Oracle Social Network takes place in the office on their desktop PC, their tablet (iPad) or SmartPhone.

  • Be more insightful about trends and engaging in social conversations with your customers. Oracle Social Engagement & Monitoring Cloud Service provides listening, engagement and analysis capabilities across social channels to help you better understand your customers and be more engaging.

    • Capture relevant brand conversations from global web and social channels
    • Cut through the noise to track key topics, trends, and influencers
    • Understand what people are saying about your products and brands
    • Identify positive, negative, and neutral posts with automated sentiment scoring
    • Act on customer intent and interest such as intent to purchase or need for service or assistance
    • Respond in-context, with the highest efficiency, across social media channels
    • Connect with customers in real-time when it matters most
    • Offered in Standard, Enterprise, and Premium editions
  • Execute consistent, integrated social marketing strategies across your global brands. Oracle Social Marketing Cloud Service easily enables companies and agencies to align teams, consistently publish content, and deliver compelling social experiences.

    • Consolidated publishing and management for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social properties
    • Make it easy to ensure that brand messages stand out and deliver a consistent message across social channels
    • Focus central brand, regional, and agency teams on shared social media strategies and goals
    • Execute on social campaigns faster and ensure alignment across marketing and other customer experience channels
    • Library of fan-favorite games and content that enables you integrate charitable giving, coupons, sweepstakes, and shopping calls-to-action without custom coding
    • Improve and tune messages, content, and social campaigns—by customer segment or social property—with relevant, real-time metrics

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  • Secure collaboration for everyone you work with. A secure enterprise social network that connects your business processes, enterprise applications and content.

    • Engage – Enterprise collaboration through real-time conversations
    • Inform – Updates shared across your business
    • Drive – Purposeful social networking without the noise
    • Extend – Integration into your business applications

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Discover where your organisation sits on the Social Selling spectrum

You can buy into social selling, but you can’t just buy your way into social selling. It’s a process involving several steps and re-defined objectives.

This Modern Marketing Essentials Guide from Oracle Marketing Cloud provides practical tips to help you get started and determine your best course of action.