Oracle Marketing Cloud Engage

Today’s mobile sales person needs the most current and up to date marketing collateral at their finger tips. Engage, from Oracle Marketing Cloud B2B provides the mobile sales person with access to the latest campaigns and communication templates from Marketing. Now Marketing can relax, Sales is on-brand.

Keep the team on-brand with Marketing approved email templates

In consultation with the sales team, marketing is able to produce a range of templates best suited to the style of communication of the sales team. This can include email templates like “Email following first face to face meeting”, campaign-specific emails e.g. “Invitation to XYZ event” and a range of emails that may be product or service specific.

In the example shown below, this template was used following face to face meetings at Oracle Open World. Adrian was able to quickly add the details of any new contacts he made, then in an effort to remain front of mind, immediately send an on-brand communication with links to additional resources about Marketing Cube.

See how easy Engage is to use on the iPad™

Select an email and search for a Contact.

Once the salesperson selects the appropriate email template, they can either search the entire Oracle Marketing Cloud B2B contact database or add a new contact via the Engage app. All emails will be tracked as if part of a campaign i.e. delivery detail, open rate, click-through etc are all tracked and will be visible via Prospect Profiler.

OMC Engage 1 700pxl wide

Craft their message, or rely on the template copy.

The easiest solution is to make certain emails available to the sales team via Engage. Templates are best produced at the same time as each campaign is built. The copy may change slightly for the Engage version, but in most cases emails from a campaign are most suitable. In the image above, the iPad™ user has selected an email they want to send to their contact.

You can see the FirstName field is highlighted in yellow, this means it will populate with the first name of the contact. The sales person has selected the contact, in this case, Derek Bell. They can adjust the subject line and edit the copy/text as they wish. Or, marketing can lock this down. The link behind the “Click Here to Download” button is set by marketing. This template is a good example of an email you may send following a specific discussion about a product or service.

OMC Engage 2 700pxl wide

Hit send, you’re done.

Once the sales person hits send, they can track the email in the CRM against the Contact. They will be able to see if the email was opened, click-through etc.

OMC Engage 4 700pxl wide

Or perhaps, no template is something you need

In the example below, the salesperson has selected a “New Tracked Email”. This is a blank email, just like you would use in Outlook or any email client. They can craft their own message, potentially making the email look more personal. Reporting is also available via Engage on an email by email basis.

OMC Engage 5 700pxl wide